One Minute Sample
A free taste, a free sample during the public transportation trips.


See slide 2 for explanation diagram

Problem/challenge: People don�t go to see a play because theater doesn�t seem attractive, or they don�t even know what to expect or don�t have any idea about the plays that are shown.

Solution: The idea is to show a sample, a scene of the play, a little performance by actors, during the time from stop to stop (1 minute?) in the public transportation (trams, subway, buses).

Value: Usually public transportation users are only waiting for their stop. These users would stop whatever they are doing, to pay attention to the short performance. It has to be a shoking scene. The users might also get their mobile phone to take a photo, or even record it, or just talk about it to some friends, so it would become viral! 

Inspiration and examples: