flashmob the play


Make the theatre happen! 

Anyplace, anytime is the rigth moment to 'wake up' the characters and let the play came a live.


Weeks before the premiere, the companies call-out the public to interpret the subject of their most recent theatre play and challenge young people to 'FlashMob the Play'. The goal is giving them the opportunity to intervene in the process of creation, moving and sensitizing them to the art of perform and therefore to theatre.

Using the radio, the social networks, going to shcools and universities, etc, the companies give the young audience only the necessary information about the play and it's theme. It's important to let youngsters make their own interpretation, comming out with an original creation.

They can express themselfs by the means that their imagination allows them. They just have to gather as many friends as they can get, pick the place and the hour and FlashMob their own Creation. This is a moment to be shared. This is a moment to bring live art and pull people together, so the most crowded the picked place is, the better!

The 'FlasbMob Creations' must be recorded and submited online, for evaluation, at the company's website. They must gain popularity on the internet, as well, by appealing to their social networks. At the end, the company will choose  the most original and popular FlashMob Creation among all submissions. The  challenge winner wins the opportunity to repruduce his FlashMob. 

However, this time it will have alittle help from the company actors and will occur in a strategic place and hour arranged by the company. It will also have the special participation of all the other competitors of the challenge.  The aim is to make from this FlashMob a big promotion moment, by making it occur during the theatre play's press conference, out in the open.