mobile theatre
mobile theater can be moved by people, cyclists, horses or small cars


Problem: in modern society it is very difficult to get to the performance in the theater.

Solution mobile theater can be moved by people, cyclists, horses or small cars

Value .developing society. Every group of people can rent a mobile theater and arrange  performances

Mobile theater

Mobile theater can locate the squares and in parks. The seats can be laid on the steps in public places for provide a better view to the stage

Inter-Action mobile theater positional and interactive application 

Different medias with the map of the city showing some mobile theaters located in several places. Every person would be able to download for free the application which allows people to scan the posters and billboards to follow their favorite scene plays anywhere, anytime. Each mobile theater will have a code that matches with the one that people scan from the different medias.

Any time someone wants to see a theater play, he/she just have to use the app which one is the closest mobile theater from his/her location(gps) to go or just wait for it to come if the person knows that he/she is close to the next place for the act.

Anyone would be able to gather a crowd in any particular place and call the closer mobile theater using the application and when they get there, a big crowd would be just ready to experience and enjoy the act.