Container of theater
It is better to see once than to hear 100 times (in the process :)


People often find the theater boring. Maybe because they do not never go to the theater. Maybe because they had a negative experience. Maybe because posters do not give a sense of live communication . Therefore, the theater must go back to the people, as if it was. It is better to see once than to hear 100 times. This is the basis of conceptual theater advertising. Interest to the audience a mini promotional ideas performances. Promotions at fairs, festivals and city squares! The mobile stage is made of container 20 fut. 

Theaters are losing viewers. Audience is aging. Theaters are not perceived as a popular art.
Young people prefer cinemas.
However, street performances always attract people of all ages.
Why not? The main reason is
is that all theatre magic is based on the exchange of energy between audience and actor.
Yes, technology is developing, but it can not replace the energy of a live performance.
I think theaters are lacking live advertising campaigns. Maybe instead of the usual posters, advertisements on television,
advertising on the radio theaters need live advertising. Therefore, this mobile theater can be used for speeches
exhibitions, youth festivals and fairs. Mobile Theatre will open new opportunities for the youth. Students of theater schools can use the mobile theaters for performances at student festivals, fairs and exhibitions. Youth will engage young people.This will develope interest to a theater among those who have never been to one before.

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