Nocturnal Theater Truck
a seductive theatrical experience...


In these days, we are constantly stimulated by sophisticated visual productions. As a consequence, our visual vocabulary has expanded, and this reality is even more palpable in younger generations. We are not just used to a certain kind of visual awesomeness,  but also expecting to be seduced, and allured by optic phenomena. It is in this context that traditional theater has been underrated by younger generations, leaving theater, almost exclusively,  for those who learned to appreciate it with its traditional visual argot.

The Nocturnal Theater Truck, a romantic nomadic concept, seeks to deliver stories with rich texts, and oral content with the aid of sophisticated optic illusions. Using a technique currently in vogue in the theater capitals of the world; a metallic mesh between the audience and the performer,  images are projected from different projectors. The result, an engaging visual spectacle that can be used to illustrate particular segments of a story, or the story as a whole.

The Nocturnal Theater Truck uses the classic calling, and appeal of the ice cream truck to convoke its audience, and promotes its shows. To really exploit the potential of the visual spectacle, shows must take place during the night, therefore it's name . The truck is basically a black box, with a minimal inner lighting system that can be triggered from a distant light board. All the other elements needed; tables, a portable sound system, and the projectors are carried inside the truck. Due to the stage size, this system is very suitable for monologues.

This concept can be implemented with a modest budget. And it offers the opportunity to have old  and  young generations  of theater goers at the same-time in the space.

The graphic doesn't reflect the real size of the components, it's only a general reference

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