Great Culture Awareness Campaign
Senseless TV shows make us blind for great entertainment. We have to learn to open our eyes again!


We have been blinded by senseless reality TV shows which are flooding our brain each day. Our society, especially young people, have to learn using their brain again. The first thing to be done is thus to open our eyes again for great entertainment. The theater isn't boring but this must cried out loudly with an attention catching campaign. Young people love extraordinary stuff, they wanna be thrilled by entertainment, they wanna participate. My concept attracts the attention of the audience and invites them to participate. As social network photography is growing, people would be eager to send their craziest shot, and let the social society vote what is the best shot. As the winner photograph will be shown on the ad in form of a big poster, maybe on a big billboard, the theater gets the attention needed to be recognized by a much younger audience. The costs are relatively low, posters, a website, and social media profiles for GCAC. The copyright of the photo belongs to me. Read the whole concept above at the pictures. Via this way, you maybe can find the next great actor. So, why not doing it like TV, looking for talents for theater via social networks. But first of all - get recognized with a great concept. Make the participants to little stars and you have their attention.

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