Street Painting
Street Painting


Main description on the slide.

Updated description:
As in every theatre chapter/scene, the scenario changes. On the slide we can see one circle and then some around. Those are the scenarios for each theme, that in practice will be about 5metres distance from each other. After the paintings are done, a group of people (theatre team) comes and starts the play. People will stop to watch and then they go away slowly through the crowd. People may play also in that scenario if they want to join it.

Main Description:
The main problem, for me of course, is that the theatres are in the biggest cities, which means that it's not acessible for all and information is not available. When its far it becomes more expensive to go there and with our daily routines, forget!!
The solution to this problem is to connect the theatre with the people, even if they dont have so much time. When we see a painter in the street, people are curious to watch what he is doing. Thats the basic point.

The street painting has its innovation on the 3d street painting an example here:

This would be the stage of the actors and actresses and people would be curious to watch how they interact with this new scenarios. Even if there's no show, people on the daily routines can play with that.

But how people will know about this street paintings? Theatre masks painted on the street with an arrow pointing the right way all over the city. It's easy to follow, playful and brings curiosity to people.

The great thing is that this could be done in any city, its cheap and can also serve as a publicity for artists (painters and group of actors)