Popular TV series Live in Theater
Friends, tv serial in theater! "Who's afraid of living life without false illusions?" Edward Albee



Theaters lost on popularity long, long ago. Cinema took it from Theater. TV took it from both. Today people don't know much about Theater. They know much about popular TV series. �Friends� from TV entered they homes, and have coffee or two with them every weekend, at least. TV series evolved. They are becoming closer to life, the timing is slowing, its more like a reality show now. People are becoming voyeurs, looking trough the TV window in other peoples lives. TV series are like real time - live dramas. It's like seating and watching the studio shooting in real time. Sounds familiar?


It is time to close the circle. Lets' take the next episode to theater. Lets use popular media as a new door to theaters. Imagine fans having the opportunity to watch, better say meet their �friends� in personal. I think the tickets would be hard to find. Give them opportunity to discover the magic only theater can give them, the magic of live performance and close contact. The magic of live acting and interaction. And once they are in, new friendships becomes possibility. Practically, one of the key episodes could be performed live in theater. It could be shoot and showed on TV later on, with delay. I think it wouldn't be much different from the studio version.

New values added:

The greatest enemy of theater becomes new friend and partner. They are working together. New quality is introduced to TV consumers, with close contact with the stars of favorite TV show. The theater gets back its popularity.

Update. Problem 2:

TV series destroys the quality of theater

Solution 2:

The episode played in theater is different. Nobody knows that. Only actors are known from TV, but drama text and director are from theater. Imagine �friends� in roles of �Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?�. We chose a play for target group defined by TV series. We shock people, and wake them up. They will rethink they lives after this episode, as they never did before. We put serious questions in funny packaging, like Woody Allen does. 

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