Du bist der Regisseur - wir bringen dein Stück auf die Bühne.



See your story with the eyes of somebody else.

If you want to attract a new public to the theatre you should get them involved.

The concept �Mach Theater� gives an opportunity to each person to express himself/herself by being a director. He/she writes a story that is to be performed by professionals. No need to say that you can write a story as a team (interesting for school classes (e.g. theatre classes or art classes)).

All the pieces will be recored and posted on facebook/websites. 

Other participants have the cahnce to rate each piece. 

The �stage� is in urban spaces of the city. the theatre itself gets an opportunity to present themselves to the public. 

As a motivation there is a chance to see the best rated pieces live on stage of the actual theatre.

Watch out for the posters on the subway stations - they might get you involved as well.

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