Social Media Theatre
Characters from a play start to act on Social Networks being followed an influenced by the audience.



Theatre is struggling to reach young people since the traditional media channels (e.g. newspaper articles) do not work anymore.


Social Media Theatre tells stories on Social Networks. Every character from a play gets his own account on Facebook, Twitter or else. They start to act by posting text, videos and pictures, sharing comments and �likes�. Step by step the story unfolds.

The audience get involved into the play by asking the characters questions and thus influencing the storyline and can engage into discussions with other users.

Social Media Theatre gives the opportunity to act out a whole play on the Social Web as well as offering a potential audience a peek into productions that will take place in classical theatre houses like movie trailers.


  • Virality: The users participate by sharing and commenting on the entries of the characters. The more they get involved with the story, the more of their friends will become aware of the event and the theatre company behind it.

  • Cost-efficient: Nothing needed except for some hours of setting up the �Social Web Stage�. Pictures can easily be taken during rehearsal.

  • Interactivity: Users can provide direct feedback by commenting on the play, which strengthens the identification and at the same time can be a source of inspiration for real-life production.

  • Young target group: Using Social Media is an excellent modern way of creating a renewed interest in Theatre, adressing audience at the age of 14 to 25

  • Zeitgeisty: 13 months of experience show that the interest of journalists and bloggers is high, giving additional attention


Cloudtells has experienced very positive feedback for our ideas on Social Media Theatre since being introduced in early 2011. For more information visit our homepage on!