Opening concert
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1)      where to find the greatest number of young people?

2)      how to attract young people to the theater?

3)      how to convince them to go to the theater?



1)      young people gather in many places but no one attracts as many as a concert!

2)      theaters should make an agreement with the organizers of concerts and present small shows before concerts (such as support groups of the biggest stars of music). Of course, the openings of the concerts should be engaging (such as acrobatic dancers or percussionists, etc. ...) and in these occasions the young people can film performances and share on social network. And in this occasions there will be flyers on thaeter shows that can be fired on the crowd and distibuted at the entrances

3)      the last and most important issue is to convince young people to go to the theater!

·        Surely we can�t expect young people go to see a lyric or classic opera (they think there are only shows for children or adults, not to their taste) so the teathers have to adapt their programs with shows appropriate at the target

·        In addition, the theaters should create special passes. For example, young people could choose a number of shows from the board and have savings proportional to the number chosen. Of course everything must be done online.

Finally, must make the theater a place where it�s fashionable to go, allowing the organization of events, parties, appetizers before the shows, etc�

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