flash mob


A flash mob well done, could have a direct impact on the audience. It may surprise everyone pleasantly and so may attract attention of potential spectators and local press, which can provide free advertising. Also it could have a great viral potential, could be spread on the internet via "Like" and "Share". Therefore, the digital revolution can help us by giving us a modern communication channel.

"Fresh News: Two shots were heard today in the public square in Berlin. Witnesses present at that place have witnessed shocked at the fight between Romeo and Jack Sparrow. The incident has not resulted in victims ... "


In the local public squares, heavily populated by young, will appear in the crowd of nowhere, running, from different directions, some main characters from different plays, appropriately dressed. It will hear some gunshots, to be shocking and generate curiosity of those present.

Romeo, will cry desperate on his Juliet�Witch from Snow White story will interact with beautiful girls in the crowd, giving them poisoned apple ... etc. (some examples)

Young people will be excited. Characters from famous diferent pieces will be able to look face to face and to ask each other who they are, where they come from and where they are. There will be some conflicts arise between them to be more interesting. Then suddenly disappear.


1.       WHO:  5, 6 professional actors (or trained amateur), showing principal roles of different stories. Considering that the aim of the Deutsche Bühnenverein (German Stage Association) is to preserve, promote and maintain the diversity of Germany�s theater scene and orchestras and its cultural offers, I think this approach is appropriate. Different stories, presented on one stage - The Street.

2.       COSTUME: A package can create an image about a product, so I think it is absolutely necessary to focus all the attention on the costumes. It should be spectacular and qualitative.


3.        WHERE? Public squares, parks, university campuses, places heavily frequented by young people.

4.       The SCENARIO? In different cities / places, the scenario can be different (according to the performances that will take place). This performance in public, should work as an invitation to the theater, and as a campaign to promote new shows.

We should not to approach the subject, addressing to some old people who have experienced the theater and got bored. We need to approach young people, people who may have never walked the stairs of a theater.

So I think that should be used special effects (shooting, magic) to generate a cool impression to young people. Also can be a funny dialogue between characters, to give smiles to those present.

5.       Involving the audience: Actors should interact with the public to create a pleasant atmosphere. (e.g. Romeo could ask young girls in the crowd "Are you my Juliet?"; the Witch from Snow White story will try to give to the young beautiful girls the poisoned apple, etc)

 There are many young people fascinated by literature. On Facebook, or a concrete blog, especially destined for theater, could be organized a challenge to write a scenario online. It proposes a theme (a totally new piece, or old piece that could be rewritten). And young people could come up with ideas to develop the script. A specialist will work with acceptance passages. It will function as a brainstorming. And play can be staged.

On these blogs, young people will go through a QR - Code.

6.        Video - on location it must to be captured the Flash Mob in action on video... and then can use it on the online channels (YouTube etc...). It could have a great viral potential, could be spread on the internet via "Like" and "Share".

 7.      Map: In places where these flash mobs will take place, there will be a map with characters on it, placed on the street where the theater is located, date and hour when that characters will play on stage.

8.       Press - An artistic flash mob can immediately capture the attention of local media. It can provide free advertising.


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