Theater - My Passion
Theater - My Passion


1 - many young people want to play theater, but do not have the courage to go on stage or do not have time.

- They need a boost of encouragement, a situation that involves them in a theater play
- If they are shy and do not go to the theater to play, lets bring theater to them:
     - workplace, where they have lunch break, play with peers, in break, brief episodes of a few minutes of plays already written or improvised.

2 - recommend more modern pieces
   - And thus solve the problem decor (inside job)
   - Costumes are day by day clothes
   - Can be played epoch plays

3 - Employees will be divided into three categories:
     - Theater critics
     - Amateur actors
     - public
   - Employees will be the step by step all the three categories above

4 - What is done so
      - Advertising (audio records, video-camera record, photo-shot - posted on the internet )
      - A useful way to spend your lunch break
      - A mode of cultural training
      - A fast, easy, constructive and very pleasant recreational time
      - Amateur actors will gain confidence in their strengths.
      - Will generate a new talent and even writers of plays
      - Employees will want to go over to the theater to make comparison
      - Will get a higher tone of employees and work efficiency will increase
      - work representatives can be hold outside working with foreign public and it can get money that can be used for scenery, costumes and teaching materials.

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