City Theater 360º
Make the city your stage and the citizens part of your crew


Why the city doesn�t be involved in theater production?

Why Citizens don�t be part of the production crew?

Why Limited yourself and your with stage physical boundaries creativity?


Take the people wherever you wanna play.

Disguise the city and make it part of the location (Involved the citizens into theater concept)

Surprise the audience with  motion scenes, new location and a infinitive points of views about your play.

With a simple box that have what the audiences and producers need, carried by a basic truck, and placed in the location, with rotating wheels to give you a 360ºexperience. See how every stage change with time, daylight, weather, pedestrian, community, city-disguise, or a simple rotation.

All the system are managed by simple app, sound systems, modular deck, spotlights, rotating control, etc