celebrity abduction
Photo: Moritz Bleibtreu. ( just for visualizing the concept.)


celebrity abduction

it involves kidnapping contemporary popular german actors and forcing them to perform with amateur theatre companies taking the lead role.  the catch is that the famous actor has not had any chance to rehearse and does not know the exact written dialogue.  so they must improvise the best they can.  the plays will be established ones, so the guest star will at least know approximately what they should be saying.  and they will be put in full costume, so that they at least look the part.

the audience does not know what famous person they might be seeing.  the famous person doesn't know they will be performing until the last minute, and they are tricked into it by their managing agent or friends.  it ends up being very good positive charity publicity, so they will be happy to be imposed upon.  the awkwardness has great comedy potential and will breathe new life into old plays.

these events will happen once each month at a randomly selected theater venue. we hijack the existing production for a single performance substituting a major cast member with a totally unprepared guest star.  the celebrity guest stars are swindled into being good sports about it, and are rewarded because they get a chance to show a human side, and grace in an impossible situation; it's the classic actor's nightmare.  there will be a set fee paid to the celebrity as consolation, but in most cases the star will want to donate it back to help promote local theatre.

there is a very special ticket sales procedure we'll use which will aid in promotion. tickets are available a month ahead online and prices begin very inexpensive.  then every day, the prices go up and up.  you will also get to see who else will be in the audience.  maybe you know someone and want to sit near them.  it becomes a big social event as well as a stage show.  i think the guarantee of seeing a big celebrity in a difficult situation will cause sellout crowds.

on the official website, theatre enthusiasts can interact and mingle, gossiping about who will be kidnapped next.   let's go see it together!  everything is unofficial, and the community can make up impromptu pols about which celebrity victims they would most like to see in the future.  this is the perfect place to share snapshots and video clips of particularly hilarious moments from past abduction events.   and of course, they can discuss theatre going in general, which keeps the dialogue going beyond the celebrity hijinks.