Theater X Movie
It is to Theater X Movie is to combine the feature of “cinema movie” and “theater play” together


Theater Problems

1.A good seat for a good angle is very critical to the overall experience.
2.The audiences can hardly see clearly about their expression due to the angle and the distance.
3.Audiences are used to the way of watching a movie these days.
4.Watching a play is not a practice for lots of young people. It takes time to get some basic backgrounds of the story, writer and the culture.


Theater X Movie

This idea is to combine the feature of �cinema movie� and �theater play� together. In the theater, several cameras are set to build different angles in real-time. Audiences use their mobile device to access/choose the cameras to experience more about play.

Before the play starts, the troupe choose a best camera flow for the whole play. The flow serves the best angle. Besides, during the show, audience switches the angle freely. As a theater enthusiast/learner, he/she can learn and admire his favorite performer in the play without being influenced by the seat and distance to stage, and he/she can still recognize it as a live show with its live sound and true 3D view.

The access method is through Wifi and a mobile application. This application can serve as a instant information center which can tell the background and be a translator for foreigners and audiences who has limited knowledge about the play. Information will be on-going supplied as the play goes. During the transition of the scene, it also give a platform to discuss and interact in games.