Make The Global Skin Visible!

Produce a 25-50 second online advertisement for non-profit film project "the global skin".


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Was verbirgt sich hinter den "8 Licenses á 200 Euro"? Welche Rechte werden hiermit übertragen? Für einen verkauften 30-60 Sekunden Spot, der dann auch vermarktet wird, fehlt da doch eine Null?

Schau mal im Briefing, 1. Satz Titel, da steht: "...Online-Spot für das non-profit Film-Projekt..."

Ja - aber hier steht nur "Mit Auszahlung der Preisgelder erwirbt the global skin auch die Rechte an den Arbeiten der drei Community-Gewinner."

Der drei. Die zumindest noch einen Hauch von akzeptabler Entlohnung erhalten. Ich kann mir nur keinen Reim auf die €200 Sachen machen.... bei aller Liebe für Non-Profit... das ist etwas, das Tage dauert und nicht Stunden.

P.S. Und der Hauch einer akzeptablen Entlohnung entfällt dann nur auf Community-Gewinner. Und von dem System bin ich irgendwie noch nicht überzeugt.

akzeptable Entlohnung? :-) Du bist Künstler und kein Fußballspieler ;-) hehe

auch Künstler haben Hunger ;)

für uns gibts doch "Luft und Liebe"!

Und Hypotheken. Und - ach ja - sozial verantwortungsvolle Kleidung. :)

Genau! Und Mutti´s Keller zum wohnen :D

Hey there,

We always push for fair prize money for our community. As a matter of fact, we take pride in it. And we know that it's not the most prize money we've ever had on jovoto but it's for a non-profit organization with a goal in connecting people and co-creation, just like our very own.

They will also license 8 ideas, so even if it's not a lot, we're trying spreading the wealth!

Best, Jess

Luft und liebe klingt nach Diät Frühstück

@Jess - the initial question is... what are you expecting to license for 200€? You surely cannot mean publishing and usage rights....

The description only says that the community winners relinquish their ideas. which is already a raw deal for the 3rd place, but hey. But for 200€, 8 additional ideas get "bought"? Even for non profit, that would be... hideous.

No-one can get a movie like that done in less than 2 days. I am guessing more...

Okay, let me change that statement - no one who isn't willing to get in front of a camera in an Elvis costume can. :)

Maybe it's my way of working, but if I enter, it would be something involving illustrations.... and just getting a story board and all drawings ready takes time, plus animating the whole shebang.

Hmm, why don´t you get an Elvis costume, too? It´s so much easier... :D

Klingt definitiv interssant, allerdings bin ich kein Fan von Non-Profit bzw. wie komme ich ohne zum maximalen Erfolg. Bin aber mal gespannt.

Ooooh, das gefällt mir! Da bin ich dabei :-)

... Auf deinen Beitrag freu ich mich jetzt schon :-)

in English please!!

... I look forward to your ideas :-)

i look forward for some videos made by MSTR :)

don´t throw too many expectations on me, I´m feeling like under pressure! :)

... under pressure you can work better ;)

great! Bring on the pressure!!! :D

Where is your video? Are you ready yet? This must go faster! Come on, I want to see something! Sing it louder! I can't hear you!!! ;)

Come on MSTR, hurry - can´t wait to see your video!!

I'm excited to see all of your videos too! ((MSTR can't be the only one who get's all the pressure ;))

Yeah! Let´s spread the pressure!!!

Thanks for your help MarketingAufAbruf :)

I have another question: can the film be in German? or only english? or both?

But great to see the first videos created in and floating out of jovoto´s global creative´s labs on the new player! = )

I am really enjoying the much better quality!

Deutsch: "Dein Film darf keine Bild- und Tonelemente enthalten, deren Rechte Du nicht besitzt" - das heisst also, man muss Ton und Bild komplett selbst erschaffen?

English: "Your movie must not contain pictures or sounds / music which you don´t have the copyright for" - does that mean we are to create the pictures and sounds by ourselves?

Right.and now say it again that 200€ is enough because we live by air and love ;-)

I´d have a nice idea, but it´s 2 days work for me. Usually I´m passionate about doing new videos, it´s my passion. So I´m satisfied to create things. We COULD see Jovoto as a way to present our work and also get feedback. But I prefer some nice prizes as well :-) "LOVE IS IN THE AIR" hahahaha

Yeah, if I can't even buy stock images for the video... I am bummed. Would need to start taking pictures of all my own fabrics, then go through fabric stores as well... just too much trouble.

Hey there, You can buy stock images or choose the creative commons licensing that allows you to use it in your video, as long as you have rights to use them, it's no problem.

If anyone is searching for images they can use something like this:

And make sure the licensing agreement is right for the purposes of your video!

Very good idea to view the ratings at the end of the contest!!!! I LIKE THAT! :-)

Hey community :-)

Yes, it's true that the music & images should be your own OR you could also use other work-arounds like using music from creative commons.

Here are two websites you can check out for music to use in your videos:

Remember, the client is licensing a total of 11 ideas. So beside the 1-3rd ranked idea community prizes an additional 8 ideas will be licesned.

That means they are looking for finished works to implement so if your idea is licensed, your film or music could be featured all over the world to promote this project. I think that's pretty cool too!

And one more thing, another possibility is to take part in the initiative itself and submit other short films to the global skin ( and have a chance to win Nikon equipment. Also pretty cool :-)

Best wishes & good luck! Jess

Hi Jess So I can use my Jovoto-Video and upload it at their website as an contest entry as well?


You can find the requirements for submitting a film to the the global skin here:

(Don't miss the PDF also on that page!)

Thank you, Jess :-)

Hey again, We're working out a few bugs with the hidden rank feature so bear with us and thanks so much for your patience!

When someone loves or dislikes an idea (10, 9 or 2 and 1 stars), will that still be shown in his profile then?

I'm happy to see you trying to improve the rating system. However, it defeats the purpose of hiding the rating if people put their rating in the comments.

I wouldn´t say so because still you don´t know how the other people rated the video. On the other hand, let us not believe everything being written in the comments ;-) I saw several comments like "wow amazing, I love it" but no stars =)

love comes & love goes :)

According to our blog post here:

It is outlawed to mention your ranks via comment :-)

Do you mean the person who writes a comment, for example: "Wow, great idea, 10 *" or do you mean the owner of the idea?

i can see on my dashboard who loves what ideas

The owner of the idea shouldn't comment his or her rank.

And yes, the ideas still show up in your profile or on your dashboard as loved. Just by knowing how many people love your idea, you still can't be sure about which rank that gives you.

But I do see the rank of my ideas (as an owner) :-)

Dear German members, I love you guys but could you please stick to English when you comment on ideas? It is rather tasking having to translate all the time.

You´re right! I always forget to write in English, especially when the contest comes from a german speaking country, sorry! I´ll try in English since now! :-)

Thanks! It's just hard trying to follow comments and having to translate them too. :)

nicht in jemandes Haut stecken wollen

There is a bug in the "hidden" ranking. Somtimes I see the ranking of a submission.

I think that not all "projects" use the hidden rank system

There is definitly a bug. I can see the ranking and vote of two ideas!!!

over 8 years ago

Hey folks, can someone explain to me why there is such a big discrepancy between the prize on jovoto and the prize on the global skin website (

To be honest i am more motivated to participate in the The Global Skin Video Contest than the jovoto contest.

First prize Professional Canon HD video camera worth over 10,000 US dollars (a current model at the time of award) and an invitation to the premier in Zurich (including travel and overnight stay ).

Second prize 5,000 US dollars and an invitation to the premier in Zurich (including travel and overnight stay).

Public prize Canon HD video camera worth 5,000 US dollars (a current model at the time of award) and an invitation to the premier in Zurich (including travel and overnight stay).

More Information here: Need your opinion about this topic :-)

oops...jovoto, anything to say?

Well, I don't know any details but what I gather is this project on Jovoto is an advert to get people to submit for the actual contest (the one on the Global Skin website). I don't see a problem coz I think one can take part in both.

Hey all,

Kijedi is right. This jovoto project is about creating 25-50 second trailers for the actual contest. The other one is about full blown short documentary with more requirements.

You can absolutely take part in both.

Best, Jess

over 8 years ago

Hey Kijedi,

nobody is talking about a problem (as far as we are all free to participate or not). I just try to understand the difference between the prizes.

Concerning the technical skills needed, both contest are at the same level. Concerning the conceptual work needed, the difference is not so big.

Ok the timeline for the movie might be different but the client is looking for a finished work . So they won´t have to edit it after your delivery. So the quality needed is relatively high.

As you say, you don´t know the details. So maybe i will wait for a statement of a Jovoto member team.


....and there's a possibility your video will be intergrated into the cinema trailer for the final film or in to the film itself. You can also submit an extended version of your video to the contest. Read briefing above.

There is definitly a bug. I can see the ranking and vote of two ideas!!!

Hey voto. I just tried to recreate the problem and I dont see any ranks. Could you send me the details via PM? (which idea exactly, can you still see it after refreshing the page)

... I think that are my ideas...? I see my ranking...

No not yours ;-) I will send you a PM Jeroen.

I can see them too :) and both of them are in top 10 ;))


That's normal, you should be able to see your own rank.

@anca @voto This is a bug, our developers are looking into it right now!

Hey guys. After the deploy yesterday this problem should be solved. In case you still see ranks from ideas (other than your own idea) please send me a pm.

A short interesting interview about web-videos and the german we-video-award here:

(unfotunately just in german)

Interesting! Thanks for posting, Jesko :)

Hey community!

I just posted a great video feedback on the blog from our client Kurt Reinhard, check it out here:

Also don't miss out on the Karma prizes! Vaude packback & outdoor jacket valued at 100-130.00 EUR! Read the blog post to find out who gets what!

Great job so far :D

That´s so cool! I wish all companies would do video-feedbacks!

I have trouble in submitting an idea!

Encoding in Progress takes so long.... (153 MB)

Could you help me, please! Thanks!

I would check your encoding settings....for a 16:9 film use QT h264 at 75% at 1280X720 if that is still too large go down to 1024X576. I have the impression that the player and server have troubles with full HD video....and its not really necessary to have it so large...

oh yeah....make sure that your sound is aac. It could also help to use mpeg stream clip. Its a free encoding program that does a much better job than the adobe suite. For a 30 sec clip, im at 11MB. Hope that helps

Hi Hellen I can watch your video, so it works now :-)

Searchserge, thanks for advice, it was really helpful :)

Yes, it works :)) Thank MSTR

you´re welcome :-)

Outstanding!!! :-)

Traveling Denim - film by Takayuki Akachi

Maybe something for the subsequent competition.

Thanks for the link! What a great video :D :D

Now THAT contest was big fun!

Wow, THANK YOU ALL for making me a winner in this contest! :-) Will the ratings be visible, now that the project is over?

Where do you see the winners? It´s not visible for me... :o(

Huh? You don't see the community winners?

I also only see that my idea has a "2" but not the other winners

Ah, when I go to "Gewinner ansehen" here on top, I see them. But if I go on the idea side, I don´t. No pink medals...

Could we please see the ranks and points now? This would help us to estimate whether all that secrecy was worth the try...

Ok. should work now.

It does. Thank you!

wow. cool. thanks! just got the great news, unbelievable...

Congragts to all 3 winners - you all were on my Top 5 list :-D Curious to see which videos we will see licenced!

Congrats to all winners - good work !

Wow, this was like a zooom. Congrats to all the winners, the solders and everyone involved.

Wow, so many sold ideas - congratz!

Congratulations to all the winner and sold ideas owner!!!

11 sold ideas those are great news, congrats for the winners and owners of the sold ideas : )

wow I must have missed something. congratulation

Congrats to all winners!

Cool! Many congratulations to all of you! ?

A big congrats to all this amazing works!!!..and to the fantastic sold ideas!! :-D

Congrats to all the winners! The first project with the new rating system. Very big surprises and no drama on ratings and zombies. Good job Jovoto!

oh it's already done, congrats to the 3 community winners & the sold ideas

Congratulations to all the winner and sold ideas owner ;)

i really think something is wrong with jovoto's algorithm. we have here the idea on the 4th place with 62 votes (8.65 from ratings) and the idea on the 5th place with 121 votes (that's twice the amount of ratings) and with 8.62. Am I the only one that finds this very wrong ? Arina's idea was voted double, that means another 60 users voted her idea so something is fishy, from my point of view Jovoto should work on that algorithm putting a higher importance to the number of users that vote. Imo Arina's idea should have been in front of the one on the 4th place, i repeat, it has twice the amount of ratings ! that means a more deserved place according to your algorithm, because an idea that has few ratings has the advantage of a light advancing while more ratings makes your idea to advance slower. I just want to propose that the number of rating should be taken in consideration more.

Hey Miguel,

I don't really understand your point here. The amount of votes make a rating more stable. I disagree with you that there should be a higher importance on the number of users that vote, then it really just turns into a popularity contest "who can gather the most votes". It's about the quality of the votes, not about the quantity.

Why do you conclude that twice the amount of ratings should give an idea a more "deserved place"?

Cheers, Jeroen

hello Jeroen. it's not about turning projects into popularity contests, i just think the amount of voters should have some importance in the algorithm, that all i said. jovoto's algorithm is not perfect and that not just my opinion. indeed, the new thing with the hiding ranks is good, but i really think the system can be improved. have a great day. Mihai

It has a influence, as I described. I'm also not claiming that everything is perfect, there's definitely room for improvement but I don't think your suggestion would be the right one.

Cheers, Jeroen

I was also very surprised that Arina´s video did not win. I followed the contest and I am sure she has two times more "lovers" than I have on 2nd place. That was a big surprise to see her behind my video...

Hey guys! Thank you for support! ) I just wondering what about Karma-Kings? Did they receive surprise?

I wonder more about the winners... did they get the money? ;-)

It was a pleasure to see all these great ideas. Congratulations to the winners! :)

Congrats to all the winners! Amazing works!

6 weeks now, hmm... anyone knows when we will get paid? :-)


We received the money today. You guys will receive your money this week.

Just heard that the ones being payed out trough paypal will receive it today.

That´s great news! :-) Thanks Jeroen!

Hey everyone! It was a while ago this project was running but I wanted to let you know about an opportunity similar to the Global Skin challenge. At the moment we are running a crowdstorm with Henkel.

For a €36 000 total award pool, they're inviting you to create a film proposal for an innovative way to upcycle their shampoo or soap bottles. Check out the project here and feel free to ask any questions under the brief.

p.s. If you submit your ideas before halftime feedback on the 18th of December, you could earn the €500 Halftime Award!

Hope to get to see some of your ideas in there!

Best, Jess

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