awareness – AWEARNESS
Be aware of the clothes you are wearing. – An anonymous guy gives us a quick look into his closet.


Hey folks, this is the final video clip.

I updated the soundfile - now it plays without the watermark. Apart from that I changed some small things that I didn't like, for example added some motion blur on the fast animations.

I also worked on the first textanimation to create a stronger connection between "awareness" and "awearness".

Have fun watching it!



So, the second thumbnail is a first scetch of the final video. I would appreciate to hear your thoughts about it! Let me know what you like and what should be changed. Thanks!


Alright, this is the animated intro of my clip! I hope you like it.
Don't bother about the watermark in the music, it's just the preview. I'll buy it when I'm sure that it fits with the rest of the animation.

I also worked on the concept and changed the tonality. - Less - but still a bit - critical about the production process, more about general facts. Probably ending with something like "What does the link between people and textile mean to you? - Join at"


Do you know, where your clothes come from? Have you ever wondered, who is involved in the process of sewing your shirt?

Using the example of the city Tirupur, this clip will contain some background information on how a large amount of today's textiles are produced.

These four images shall give a first impression on how the animation later will be: a combination of the guy putting on new shirts and infographics in the foreground. Beginning slowly and ending with fast cuts and an overkill of information.

This is my first submission to Jovoto, so please be gentle when I do wrong. ;)