Keep away from fire
Keep away from "fire"


Since we are born until the end, the textile is accompanying our skin. At birth we are wrapped in white, later we choose our �second skin�, though some choices might be wrong � military colors for example, finally disappearing under a wide white sheet as in the video clip here presented.
All the sounds in the clip are produced by an old fashioned mechanical sewing machine �played� by the author. First sounds simulate heart bits, which are interrupted and replaced by the fire from Kalashnikov.
The title of the work is borrowed from a care label saying �keep away from fire�.

The original painting in the background is by Visnja Postic.
Camera by Martin Erdes.
Assistants: Visnja Postic, Miroslava Andjelkovic and Martin Erdes.
Film editor: Vladan Rakonjac 

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