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The Task

Get people involved in the global skin project by creating a 25-50 sec online video spot. Your spot should motivate potential storytellers to participate in the global skin video contest. It also should have potential to go viral via social media. But besides getting people contributing to the global skin project your spot can also be part of the overall global skin film.

The Background

The global skin is a non-commercial art project initiated by the Centre for Storytelling in cooperation with the Zurich University of the Arts and Dschoint Ventschr Film Production. global skin is a video contest created to explore the potential of collective storytelling and the new channels of communications by personal exploration of the subject fabric. The submitted films should tell stories from people who are involved with textiles in any possible way. Why textiles? Textiles are relevant for everyone. Everybody wears them and is surrounded by them. Textiles are elements which connect people from all over the world. Through the global skin project the connection between people and textiles should be made visible and sensitize the audience to act globally responsible. The end result will be a 90 minute film of short videos created by people from all over the world.

Awarded ideas