Satellite hotspot **UPDATE**
energy everywhere. always with you, directly from the low orbit

Target groups

Other (everybody)


Everyone needs energy: people, objects, buildings, tools of any kind. Energy must be everywhere.


We need a system that distributes energy globally. in your home, but also in the desert or in the middle of the sea.


The energy-mother satellite sends energy to a local sub satellite, which distributes it to you devices, to electric vehicles, everywhere.It is a game of energetic rebounds, of global transmission. Without cables, without limits. For every 10km square there is a sub-satellite, which receives energy from the one in orbit. The sub satellite is considered a repeater, like a internet hotspot.

What makes your solution unique?

The novelty is the transmission of energy without cables, directly from the space where one can draw solar energy from huge "fields" of photovoltaic panels

How it works: Step 1

In space, huge fields of photovoltaic panels accumulate the energy of the sun. The low-orbit satellite sends the energy to the local satellite receiver.

How it works: Step 2

The local satellite, at low altitude, receives the energy from the satellite in orbit. The local satellite covers a range of devices of about 10 square kilometers

How it works: Step 3

The local satellite, sends the energy received to all connected devices, which require energy. Houses, buildings, devices, and electric transport. The local satellite works as an energy hot spot.

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