Energy stick plus basic station
A basic home station transmitting energy wirelessly to electrical devices equipped with an e-stick

Target groups

Other (all energy consumers)


There are a lot of electrical devices at every household needing energy by wire though it´s unpractical (e.g. vacuum cleaner) or simply incommodious (e.g. loading batteries of mobile phones, laptops, etc.).


It would be great for all consumers to have a comfortable technical solution allowing to run electrical devices more conveniently.


An energy home/basic station placed at your home receiving green energy wirelessly from an major energy station at your district. The home/basic station supplies your electrical devices with energy - you just to have to equip them with an energy stick (comparable to an USB stick).

What makes your solution unique?

The energy consumer just has to plug in the energy stick to supply his devices with energy. Also imaginable: a cooperation with major manufacturers of electrical devices like Samsung, Philips, etc.: They equip their devices with energy receiver terminals so no extra energy stick is needed.

How it works: Step 1

The green energy mix might be transmitted to loacal energy stations via wire or wirelessly. These local energy station supply the home/basic stations at every household wirelessly with energy.

How it works: Step 2

Brand icon draft communicating wireless energy supply

How it works: Step 3

Two further drafts for a brand icon