The Nano-Firefly Project
Energy generated by biosphere movement distributed thru nanotechnology

Target groups

Other (As living beings, humans are able to create energy through their movility and vital functions such as the rest of the biosphere.)


People need to use energy everywhere to cover basic requirements in a more comfortable way. On the other hand, they are able to generate energy as a result of their mobility, breathing and heartbeats. As there are already some wristwatches that can be charged this way, what if there would be a manner to seize that principle further?


People all over the world could provide a renewable energy source throughout their motive faculties along with the rest of the biosphere which can be captured, transformed and disseminated by nanotechnology.


Hives of biodegradable nanotechnology devices dispersed wordwide that can capture the kinetic energy of people, animals and plants turning it into microwave power transmissions that can be received by all kind of gadgets everywhere.

What makes your solution unique?

That's the power source that comes from life for life! Swarms of "nano-fireflies" capable of creating meshes among them to capture the kinetic energy of living beings transforming it into microwaves that are received by every device. Its running makes us think about a sort of energetic ecosystem.

How it works: Step 1

People and the rest of biosphere generate energy by means of their motility and vital functions. Hives of biodegradable "nano-fireflies" dispersed worldwide can capture that emissions throughout a receiving mesh they create among them.

How it works: Step 2

Once received, the nano-fireflies transform that energy and give it back by the same means as microwaves that can charge any electric device constantly without using any plug. Each nano-firefly can increase its power transmissions due to its "nano-capacitors" and acts as a cell of its hive.

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