rings of energy
rings around the world converting energy in light and in wireless energy, feed , provide, consume

Target groups

Other (all, producer, provider and consumer)


a big problem is the transport of renewable energy, where it is effiency produced (Off-shore, desert, water energy, to the places it is needed or stored for the times, when is needed


So the best way is, to transport the energy in time from the place of generation to the consumer in general It is a global need.


The rings of energy around the world on earth: Providing a network of rings with fibre optic cables, converting the feeded energy in light and sending it with speed of light to contribution, consumer places, where it is converted into wireless energy to use in households, energy stations, all infrastructure.... Having no storage and no waste of energy by transporting.

What makes your solution unique?

General network rings like latitudes longitudes, red latitudes are examples for possible main rings of energy: For example: sun energy is produced, when and where is sun and send to places on world, they need this energy, because of night, winter, s.o. , can not harvest their own renewable energy

How it works: Step 1

Step 1-producer of renewable energy and example of 3 main rings- global vision Sun energy is harvested in Sahara and send to regions, where it is night or winter Norway has a lot of water energy , they cannot consume with their some millions of people, but send it to regions, they have big need.

How it works: Step 2

step 2 in progress

How it works: Step 3

step 3 in progress

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