Smart Photovoltaic Highway - Work in progress
Smart Highway is electricity producer, electricity supply, battery and charging station.

Target groups

Other (Car Driver)


  • New energy storage is needed.
  • Electricity must be transported.
  • Photovoltaic systems are supposed to produce clean energy, but they need land.
  • The driver does not want to wait a long time until his car is charged.


Humanity needs smart highways.


  • Highways become energy supplier, energy storage and energy distributor in one.
  • Motorists can charge their car contactlessly while driving.

What makes your solution unique?


How it works: Step 1

  • Highway produces electricity - via photovoltaic -> No additional land needed for photovoltaic farms.
  • Under the highway, an energy storage is laid.
  • While driving, electric cars can be charged without contact.
  • Street markings on the tram can with LED ever to be changed according to situation.
  • Whole highways can be illuminated by the LEDs installed in the street become.
  • The highway connects big cities and is one at the same time huge power line and an internet highway :-), which offers the car driver fast Internet.
  • Through built-in sensors, traffic jams / accidents are automatically the navigation devices communicated so that other drivers can avoid the traffic jams.
  • In addition, motorway tolls are automatically calculated - depending on Kilometers + electricity + internet connection

Describe how your solution works step by step:

Advantages: - No additional land consumption. - Motorway is at the same time electricity producer, electricity supply between cities, battery, internet highway and charging station in one, and at the same time calculates the costs for motorway toll, electricity consumption and internet to the motorist. - Road is equipped with sensors (accidents, traffic jams are automatically reported) and changeable lane markings and supports self-driving cars.