turn city noise pollution into usable energy

Target groups

Other (Urban residents)


Sound is an untapped energy source and one that can be found free in major cities around the globe. It's made by people, by cars, by industrial machines and when there is a lot of it we call it sound pollution or noise pollution.


What if we can turn that negative energy source into a positive power supply...


Sound pollution in major cities could be turned into energy that can charge our day to day devices and appliances. The sound vibration is transformed by special devices into usable energy. Instead of bouncing around through the city, the devices will absorb the sound and lead to a reduced sound pollution.

What makes your solution unique?

The bigger the city, the bigger the noise pollution, the bigger the wireless battery

How it works: Step 1

While walking through the city, personal devices will charge automatically with the use of the soundpower chip imbedded in each one.

How it works: Step 2

Devices and appliances inside buildings will receive power from the sound battery situated in the proximity. The sound battery catches the sound, transforms it into usable energy and sends it wirelessly inside.

How it works: Step 3

Instead of having a separate device outside the building, the power battery could be a part of the wall. Imagine a scenario where instead of wall sound insolation there would be a wall sound battery. It doesn't absorb the sound, it transforms it.

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