Lukewarm Fusion
Nuclear fusion can become a solution for our energy needs.

Target groups

Other (household, industry, transport)


Researchers have observed spontaneous nuclear fusion in lab settings under near ambient conditions, but until now nobody was able to reproduce the effect. Probably fusion only occurs under very specific conditions that we do not understand yet.


Further research is needed.

Harnessing this energy source will be possible once the process leading to low temperature fusion is understood.


Only a small amount of electricity will be needed to trigger a self-sustaining nuclear fusion process in every apartment building, factory or vehicle in an appliance that is not larger than a modern gas burner. The fuel that we need is water with homeopathic amounts of Deuterium or Tritium in the water molecules. But probably the naturally occuring hydrogen isotope Deuterium in some water sources will be sufficient.

This ends the history of long distance energy transmission.

I'm truly sorry.

What makes your solution unique?

Deuterium - tritium fudison reaction as example for a nuclear fusion reaction.