Producing energy from human and vehicle movements thanks to Piezo Technology

Target groups

Other (City residents)


As ubiquitous computing becomes a major trend, energy production and consumption may be ubiquitous in the future too. Electronic products are becoming more energy-efficient, and improvements in piezo-electric technology. Thus we can predict a piezo-future.


In future technology will be embedded in our environments, and the production of energy can be embedded in our environment too. For a sustainable energy system, our cities should produce their own energy.


Electricity can be produced in our surroundings from our movements like walking, running, biking thanks to piezoelectric technology. Moreover, heavy vehicles like cars and trains can produce more energy with piezo-electric technology. Once the energy is produced, the transmission of electricity may be wireless and everything will be charged continuously.

What makes your solution unique?

Energy generation from human and vehicle activities offers a sustainable and self-sufficient city concept. No need for another source is needed for WeProduce energy system. The city produces the energy it needs.

How it works: Step 1

The energy is produced by human and vehicle activities and ambient chargers in our environments get filled with the energy we produced thanks to piezo-electric materials.

How it works: Step 2

Our devices; electronics in homes and street lights use the energy from ambient chargers everywhere.

How it works: Step 3

The energy transfers from chargers to our products occur simultaneously via wireless charging technology. The devices can initiate the charging process. For example, your phone and street lamps gets charged simultaneously when you are running on the running trail.