Seismic Waves
Use windparks to create seismic waves as a form of mechanical energy travelling over long distances.

Target groups

Other (Evil technology companies, not bothered with doom and destruction)


Windparks are known to create seismic activity with enough power to occasionally provoke damage in buildings. Modifying wind power installations in such a way that these seismic effects are amplified and be given a defined directional impact may result in a new way of transmitting energy.


Seismic waves travel over large distances and can be particularly distructive. But any wave can be harnessed using mechanical lense assemblies and interference grids. Creating this form of energy and converting it to electricity in a distant location can be an efficient way to distribute and transmit energy.


The challenge here is to guide the waves through open land, under rivers and through mountains to a location where it can be converted into electricity. I don't know how this may be achieved, but here it is ... my utopian idea.

What makes your solution unique?

Natural seismic activities could be a model for the transmission of artificially created seismic waves intended for transmitting energy.

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