Active Home
Perpetuum mobile sustainable home

Target groups

Other (Human, 18-99, active)


We all have the same basic requirements, wether we're male or female, young or old, active or sedentary, that of a comfortable living space, with less time invested in maintenance.


How about a home that survives on its own, with zero external electric consumption and minimum negative impact? the Active Home is a concept bas ed on the collaboration between built environment and technology, designed to improve psisycal and mental health inside your home.


A sustainable home, that not only uses up to no external electric resources, but it improves the life quality of its inhabitants by promoting a healthier lifestyle, by increasing the level of physical activity and reducing sedentary time. A home with voice detection, that evaluates the level of anxiety in your tone and uses light therapy to relieve the stress, automatically. That uses wireless connections to activate all the appliances, and charges them with piezoelectric flooring.

What makes your solution unique?

A good idea is easy to implement, but a healthy home, whole environment that actually enhances the life quality is the ultimate utopia. But what if it isn't? What if it's possible?

How it works: Step 1

Besides photovoltaic panels, electricity production is based on existing home activities, such as walking or washing. - piezoelectric flooring system pads, that use the pressure applied by walking or playing; - hydrodynamic turbines on existing plumbing systems.

How it works: Step 2

The experience enhancing systems include: - voiceprint analysis for anxiety and stress level detection; - light therapy, that also includes red and blue light that have physical benefits, such as increased immunity.

How it works: Step 3

Other type of implementable features are: - wireless charging through electromagnetic induction; - organic concrete, that improves the indoors air quality, and diminished the effects of technological pollution.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

Everything moves using electricity created by its own movement. Your walking creates electricity that is used to turn on the bathroom light while showering, and the water movement creates electricity that is used to turn on the light in your kitchen. But you walking there creates more movement, that is used to fuel the kitchen robot that you wash, therefore creating more electricity that is used to turn on the smart light system that encourages you to be more active. That's good for your health! But wait, because you being more active means that you create more energy. Perpetuum mobile utopia.

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