Future Nomads
A mobile battery system that doubles as living space!

Target groups

Other (20-40)


As an architect, i try to observe the future of work as being less busy yet at more client counts. Being very active even we can call them nomads (again), they often travel and doing business far and not just in local communities, yet in broader space. Sometimes they often take big risk of adventure and spend more in things and expenses on trip. These expenses also count as energy expenses from the trip itself and the individual necessities. Sometimes they want to get going in an easier way.


A system that accommodate the increasing number of travel that could save energy and cost expenses would be much beneficial and prospective for the energy market of the future. Often business people tend to do things more efficiently to save their profits. Things like (for example) business trip to abroad with long duration accommodation expenses could be more efficient if they could bring their own transportation, or even their house!


This next gen transport design is using next-gen technology which will be discovered in space industry in years to come. Not only saving energies , this method is intended to make a trip more preferable and convenient and offers unique way and perspective to merge business trip with vacation also to do more what that is needed to be done as priority. The vehicle act as a second home and when in the main home (HQ) its act as an energy reserve module and possibly a rentable guest trailer!

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