Brain-to-Brain Renewable Energy Connecting through Big Data
This is a futurist idea that will reinvent the way energy is produce and distributed.

Target groups

Other (Everybody)


The energy is a very important aspect of our life, also the question about how the energy could be renewed and used in a more sustainable way is a big global concern. The new revolution of technology is here with VR, AR, Big data, robots - will have a huge impact on our lives, relationships, things, services in all aspects and energy will remain a key factor in this circuit.


In this era and more in the near future, electricity is a big issue with a global impact on how things will function, the impact will be, so how energy could be provided. The distribution of the energy and the renewal it's starting to be a big topic in the big data challenge and aspects related to the latest invention in technology. The brain-to-brain connection is also closer than we think - and big data could make all this circle a functionable and smart one - changing the whole system.


Brain-to-Brain Energy Connection –distribution through big data work on crowds- for powerful energy and a single connection for a quick renewable energy. Everything is kept and manage with the big data help –energy status, technical and geospatial info. Energy generated by crowds brains is very powerful and for a quick renewable energy are a one-on-one connection – that works with magnetic telepathic waves also on big data and the energy is storage, renew, on their personal device.

What makes your solution unique?

This is a unique solution, because was never done before, and is a step further regarding the technology interested- crowd and one-on-one connection energy distribution manage all by tsunami big data. ( controlled technical situation, device info, geospatial information, energy status)

How it works: Step 1

For powerful energy, people meet on a crowd on energy platforms set up with Big Data, having their energy device with them - the brains start to connect- everything is managed by data - all info regarding energy status, needs, technical information. The powerful energy is distributed to each person.

How it works: Step 2

Renewable energy for quick refill could be managed by data and telepathic magnets/ waves one-on-one brain connection. The signal is search on data waves regarding the device energy status. Energy is not a problem anymore- is a way to connected each other and embrace the new era of technology.

How it works: Step 3

The science already starts to think how we can use technology to connect each other minds and will go even further- connecting each other minds and create powerful and meaningful things like energy - all this could be keep with the help of a small data device.