BioEvolutionary Energy
Renewable energy created as in the animal world

Target groups

Other (everyone)


Energy generation and supply are too centralized and this makes large amounts of people dependent of few big corporations who control the whole market. Knowledge how to generate and transfer energy is many times closed in patents or it's is difficult to have public access to it. Energy is generated mainly from non-renewable resources, which endangers the nature.


People need more access to renewable energy, which is easy to generate and access wherever it's needed. Knowledge how energy is generated, transmitted and stored should be public, available without patents.


Renewable energy technology as researched by the animals during the thousands of years of evolution. There are over 500 different creatures in the world that are able to produce electricity - the Electric Eel, Electric Catfish, Electric Ray, and the Knifefish can power a computer or kill a horse. Our solution is a patent-free technology, reproducible on different places from people, using natural resources only and bio-chemical, bio-physical and bio-mechanical processes, used by the animals.

What makes your solution unique?

The solution will be implemented via bio-robots, implemented via natural bio-chips, imitating the anatomy and physiology of the electric animal. The bio-robots will have an AI, emulating the life of the electric animal and teaching itself, this way evolving as the evolution did in the reality.

How it works: Step 1

Electricity exists in the animal world thousands of years in a sustainable way and it needs to be examined thoroughly. Animals know how to generate, use, transfer or detect electricity. We need to gain this knowledge and create sustainable movable energy, while studying them in the nature.

How it works: Step 2

Bio-robots will be created, emulating the electric animals' anatomy. Using self-taught AI, robots will study in the nature how the electricity in the animal world works. The knowledge gathered will be disclosed publicly, without patents. This will allow everyone to learn and extend the research.

How it works: Step 3

People will generate sustainable electricity at home or in industrial plants, using only natural resources from composts. The electricity will be stored in bio-degradable batteries, created like the electric animals' electrocytes. Transferring and detecting it will be done likewise.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

  1. The 500+ types of electric animals will be thoroughly researched.
  2. This will happen via bio-robots, imitating the electric animals' anatomy and physiology. Using self-taught AI, robots will study in the nature how the electricity in the animal world works without changing the studied animal's habitat. The robots will evolve and suggest improvements in themselves, imitating the evolution.
  3. The research will be open to all, with no patents.
  4. Everyone will have access to its results and be able to enrich it
  5. People will produce, store and transmit electricity locally at their homes or at industrial scale, using bio-degradable materials from the nature
  6. Tools for transmitting, storing and detecting electricity will be created using natural materials. They will operate in a new way, with minimum electricity and material loss. As they are based on natural processes, they will be harmless to the human body and won't create unwanted electromagnetic fields close to it.