A way of transiting massive amounts of power over large distances in-order to provide power to all.

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These days power distribution is a massive undertaking it requires not only massive power stations or solar/wind farms, but also a massive distribution system of towers and power stations that needs a huge amount of resources to be built and maintained.

Also the system is very vulnerable to disruptions that, in case of a natural disaster can leave areas without power for days or even weeks.

Also it is a huge disruption to the natural beauty of our planet with massive amount of towers, wires


A solution to our planets power problems must not only include a new way of producing energy at low costs and high yields, but also a new way of delivering that power where ever it is needed, a system that can do away with all the problems of the currently installed system without creating new ones.

And eliminating the old hard to maintain power system not only from power source to town but from there to your house, to the average consumer, removing the pesky power sockets.


This system focuses on hitting all the problems that plague our current power production and distribution solutions.

This removers the need for complex power system and replaces them with wireless smart grids that can not only power any location wireless, but also manage power distribution locally and over long distances, while reducing environmental impact and increasing reliability of power distribution.

Using this multi-stage system will assure that all the problems will be solved.

What makes your solution unique?

The main towers distribute the power produced by a power station, be it a standard coal plant or a future generator that uses compressed plasma an molten steel to produce power, this will assure that any location receives the necessary power, together with smaller towers it assures and even power.

How it works: Step 1

The power that is sent out by the massive main distribution tower is picked up by a series of smaller towers that spread it uniformly across the location and provides wireless power from the smallest home to the biggest industrial consumer. Removing the need for old power distribution system.

How it works: Step 2


How it works: Step 3


Describe how your solution works step by step:

Now this attempts to fix all the current problems that our power system has

  1. The power source can be anything, any future power station, be it cold fusion, hydrogen fuel cells or bio reactors can be used with it, removing power plants that damage the environment or take up huge amount of space.

  2. The power from the stations can be distributed by underground superconductor wires or trough a series of towers in case underground wires are not possible. Removing the hard to maintain high voltage power system. They also take care of power conversion removing the need for power stations.

  3. A series of smaller wireless receivers and transmitters that assure and even distribution across the location of electric power, with WiFi conversion receivers on electronics and vehicles this assures that even a huge city can be powered without a single wire being pulled trough the city.

  4. With smart monitoring the power needs can be regulate from the main tower and smaller receivers.

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