human power station -surpluses and health
harvest surpluses of metabolism and stay healthy

Target groups

Other (all, especially the overweights)


How does the body react to an increased energy intake?

If more energy is supplied than is needed to generate heat, the surplus ends up in the fat stores. According to the first law of thermodynamics, fat is stored as long as there is a constant oversupply until a new equilibrium is achieved by increasing the surface of the skin and thus the calorie requirement. A theoretical requirement of 2500kcal with an actual intake of 3000kcal would mean that the skin surface has to increase by 20%.


The increased need for heat removal resulting from obesity requires a higher blood circulation. The result is a heavier load on the heart. According to the first law of thermodynamics, our body tries to compensate for permanent energy surplus by increasing the surface of the skin and thus increasing its consumption. The goal is energetic homeostasis. So the best is to avoid this surpluses in body by transforming this energy of heat to use for devices, of digital world, lightning, tracker,,


Using human heat energy to supply electrician needed devices and in same time reducing health risks of our consumption society, especially by avoiding overweight by high calorie intake via metabolic rate.

What makes your solution unique?

Maybe an implanted chip is needed to controll the human power station of metabolism, and simple ways to give up the heath energy directely by differences of temperature through the skin , or turbines in blood circulations, or take energy from already stored lipid depots in body

How it works: Step 1

It all based on blood circulation and metabolism

How it works: Step 2

transform the body heat

How it works: Step 3

in progress

Describe how your solution works step by step:

in progress

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