The Sock
The Sock-Shock energy generation.

Target groups

Other (Everyone)


Movement is one of the best sources of energy, we move day and night.

All if each person could use their own motion to provide enough energy to meet his own needs this would decrease the power requirements at a global scale.


If we could harvest energy from our own motion we could greatly decrease the global power production needs and also provide power at a personal level.

It will also encourage movement and exercise.


The nano-engineered socks provide energy conversion not only from friction with surfaces, but also from the body heat and pressure.

The nano-cell fiber converts the different elements into energy.

This energy can be harvested by surfaces or by a WiFi power transmitter in the clothing.

Of course this can be applied to other clothing items, in order to not just make them into smart clothes, but energy producing smart clothes.

What makes your solution unique?

As we have all noticed the power of an electric shock generated from draging your feet over a carpet. A mount of energy can be produced by friction with any surface, even between items.

Using this energy created from friction and possibly other sources like body heat we can reduce power needs.

How it works: Step 1

Here you can see a item of smart clothing, now as I said, this could be any item of clothing, a jacket, a T-shirt, but the principle is the same, friction between materials, combined with body heat and pressure (from steps) will be converted into energy. and picked up by other surfaces and used.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

The nano clothing is worn by any person.

As the move, around we produce friction, and heat.

That usually wasted energy is converted buy the nano-fiber into energy.

That energy is transmitted from the clothing item wireless around, or trough direct contact with other surfaces.

The transmitted energy is used to power different devices.

The more people would use the system the higher the energy yield would of course be.

This can also be integrated in other items around the house such as floors, carpets etc. to increase the surfaces that can produce and transmit energy.

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