inno touch
Using surfaces to induce electricity in households, through smart furniture and devices

Target groups

Other (Homeowners, Civil engineers, Furniture manufacturers)


  1. Homes require a quite complex setup of the power network, limited to specific outlets (sockets or light).
  2. Due to excessive need for power supply from many devices, residents have to plug multiple devices in one plug, or use extenders.
  3. Devices have multiple plugs or chargers, which make devices harder to move and messy where they are set up.
  4. Within the following years, technology will be embedded in our environment at a higher rate, serving us without even noticing.


  1. We need a way to provide more power outlets while simplifying the network connection. 2 & 3. We want to get rid of messy cables, make devices more mobile and get them powered from any location within the house.
  2. We want to embed our solution within the household, making it seamless.


We use surfaces to charge devices by touch. We develop furniture that induce electricity and power up any device that is placed on them. We get rid of cables and provide unlimited outlets for devices and light.

What makes your solution unique?

The uniqueness of the solution lies into changing the way power is distributed within households. The new setup aims to change the industry standard of "Plug and play" by removing all plugs. The Floor bacomes a conductor that provides safe electricity to any appliance touches its surface.

How it works: Step 1

The electric surface of the ceiling is similar to the floor, main difference being that the ceiling is also magnetic, able to sustain weight of 0,5 Kg per 1 square cm.

This function allows tenants to move the lights easily and create custom lighting within each room without hustle or cost.

How it works: Step 2

Smart furniture induce the current from the floor to their top surfaces through their backbone.

This way the TV can be placed and move on any surface without the need of a plug, while smartphones on the table get charged without the need of a charger.

How it works: Step 3

This type of conducted transmission of power opens a big field for new ideas to be introduced. Besides the opening to new markets, like furniture manufacturing, existing ideas of other industries can be introduced for households (eg. heated seats from the automobile industry).