TEXtile - triboelectric energy fabric
What if all the textile materials that cover our world could produce energy?

Target groups

Other (Human race, all ages, but not limited to)


In today's world, all that surrounds us is in one way or another covered by textile fabric. Lots of surfaces covered with fabric are permanently in contact with some sort of energy source. The biggest space realestate is represented by the fabric covering all of the human beings walking on earth. Each of us is in constant direct contact with an energy source everyday - sun, wind or our own bodies. What if we could harvest all of that energy?


By creating a type of fabric capable of harvesting energy, we could be capable of transforming our day-to-day lives. We as individuals could benefit from this by being able to power by ourselves all the devices that we use throughout the day. Think of a morning jogg through the park, that could top-up your phone battery. Or walking to the office could keep your watch running through the day. On a larger scale, any surface covered in textiles could become a small generator.


Think of a textile fabric that could harvest the sun's energy through the day. Or that could transform the flow of air passing over the surface of your clothing into energy. Or simply harvest the electrostatic energy that your body produces in contact with it. Walking to the metro station, sitting on a chair in the train, tapping your feet on the soles of your shoes and then further on the carpet laid down on the office's floor, and sitting on your office chair - the future of self-powering

What makes your solution unique?

The world is covered in textiles. Humans, homes, cars, public transport, public spaces - everything is covered in textiles. All these textiles are exposed in each moment to some sort of energy. We can find a way to make these fabrics be able to convert all this energy into usable electricity.

How it works: Step 1

PERSONAL USE Everyday we use a lot of energy to power our personal stuff. Phones, watches, tablets and more, all use energy and all could be powered by energy we can create by ourselves, through our clothes. We sit in the sun, we walk in the wind, we move, we stand - all these produce energy.

How it works: Step 2

PUBLIC USE There are a lot of surfaces covered in textiles. These surfaces can be transformed into power generating sources, by simply covering them in energy producing textiles. Think of the chairs in a bus. Throughout the day, the fabrics covering them are exposed to pressure, static, solar energy

How it works: Step 3

HOUSEHOLD You surely have some fabrics in your house in the form of drapes, carpets, upholstry, sheets. Think of your bed and the sheets covering it. Throughout the night, the fabrics that make up the sheets are exposed to static electricity and pressure, and throughout the day, they sit in the sun.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

You wake up, prepare for the day and get dressed. During this process, you produce a lot of static electricity. You walk through the house, step on the carpets - you make pressure and static. You put on your coat and shoes - static. You go outside, it's a sunny day but it's super windy. Your clothes are exposed to the outside factors, harvest the energy produced by them and transform it into electricity. At this moment, your phone and watch are topped up. Meanwhile, your home is blasted by the sun. The drapes, the carpets, chairs, beds, all harvest the sun light and convert it. Energy is stored in the household battery. You left some windows open. Wind blows through the drapes. This energy is captured and stored. You take the bus, it's full. All chairs are occupied and people rub against each other. Lots of static. The bus runs on 10% energy produced by its chairs. You have power for the rest of the day. The future doesn't sound that bad.

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