From lava to appliances

Target groups

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Humans can cover ALL of their energy needs by using magma's heat. We deploy our activity in 30km of atmosphere and 11km max into the ground, while the earth has thousands of cubic km's of magma, super-hot and ready to be used for our interests.


We should IMMEDIATELY start using the heat under our feet, LAVA, for generating energy and heating.


The solution i propose is developing decentralised means for exploiting magma energy, maybe the most abundant of all Earth's resources.

What makes your solution unique?

  • Accesibility: magma is present everywhere on (under) the globe
  • Renewability: millions upon millions of cubic feet of available heat, which is like a Sun under our feet

How it works: Step 1

With more and more cost-effective solutions, high depth wells will soon be drillable at low cost, everywhere they are needed, making LavaGrid a reality.

How it works: Step 2

Every neighbourhood or city block cluster will have a small lava powerplant the size of a shipping container, converting lava directly into electricity.

How it works: Step 3

The principle by which lava can be converted into electricity is the Seebeck generator, which will be adapted to work in direct contact with lava by being coated with space-grade materials, and when "overheating" will be cooled down with the opposing principle, the Peltier plate, giving off heating!