CAR - Chargeable Automobile Retrofit
CAR is an electric battery module that your vehicle charges via locomotion.

Target groups

Other (Vehicle owners, leasers, drivers)


Vehicle operators are generally focused on car gasoline prices, maintenance, repairs, parts, insurance, etc. They are paying money. Rarely are they presented with a means of of profiting from the mere locomotion of their vehicles. Every time they travel in their vehicles, they are charing their CAR batteries. They are making money via saving/offsetting costs on home electricity.


CAR offers a way to generate storable electricity merely by driving your vehicle. Many consumers are looking for new and innovative opportunities to save money.


CAR - Chargeable Automobile Retrofit allows you to generate electricity. The electricity your vehicles wheels generate by spinning is stored via electrical cables which are connected to the CAR transportable unit in your vehicle. Simply detach the CAR battery from your vehicle, remove it, and re-attach it to your CAR home base-station. From there, you can plug your household appliances into the CAR home base-station.

WPT technology will equip all plug sockets with wireless electricity.

What makes your solution unique?

CAR - Chargeable Automobile Retrofit

How it works: Step 1

CAR - Chargeable Automobile Retrofit

How it works: Step 2

CAR - Chargeable Automobile Retrofit

How it works: Step 3

CAR - Chargeable Automobile Retrofit

Describe how your solution works step by step:

1 - Setup the CAR base-station in your home or office. Connect the unit to your wall outlet. The CAR base-station includes two detachable batteries. One of these batteries can always remain attached to the CAR base-station. The other CAR battery can receive and store the electricity your vehicle generates.

2 - Detach the CAR battery from your vehicle. Replace the other battery which is connected to your CAR base-station in your residence with the other battery which you have just charged. Continue to run you household appliances, etc. from CAR.

3 - Additionally, Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) technology will be used to equip all residential and commercial building plug sockets with wireless electricity.