Electricity Tower
Electricity towers will be the dominant and main landmarks in futuristic cities

Target groups

Other (Producers, distributors, manufacturers, architects and users)


In the 19th century, electricity posts along the railways were the symbol of civilization. Then it extinct to be replaced by the ugly high voltage electricity towers in the early 20th just like dinosaurs perching on lands. In the mid of the century, television towers came into existence to be considered one of the most famous landmarks in major cities, but just before the end of the 20th century, communication towers became the centerpiece and the most important technology achievement.


So, what about the 21st century? Electricity towers will become the focus of attention in major and civilized cities. Architects will compete to make electricity towers urban landmarks worldwide with no exceptions. Electricity will be transmitted in the atmosphere through environmentally friendly Wi-Fi signals that does not only transmit electricity but radio waves, TV broadcasts and internet as well.


Special transformer units are used as an extension to whatever electricity generating station, to convert electricity into clean and safe signals to be transmitted via the satellites globally, and via the enormous Electricity towers locally, in order to propagate through the atmosphere and to be received by the end-user devices in houses, factories and streets, and convert it into the needed amount of electricity by built-in units.

What makes your solution unique?

The era of batteries and petrol tanks has ended, there will be no need to store energy, and why would you when the electricity is in the air and enough for everyone?! Electricity towers won’t become anymore visual pollution but a piece of art beside its main purpose.

How it works: Step 1

Alongside every station for generating electricity, however it’s generated from fossil fuels, hydroelectric, solar energy, wind, nuclear reactors, biomass and whatever futuristic methods. Alongside every station there will be a transformer converting the generated electricity into safe signals.

How it works: Step 2

Those signals will be transmitted to a local tower which transmit it to nearby towers covering hundreds of kilometers. The excess energy will be transmitted to satellites to cover every inch of the world. The received signals will be strengthen and re-transmitted to cover huge areas of lands.

How it works: Step 3

These signals will propagate from the Electricity towers through the atmosphere to reach all electric devices. It will be received by a built-in unit in every device to convert it to the exact amount of electricity needed to operate it, starting from the simple lamp to any heavy equipment.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

Electricity will indeed be in the air, but –unfortunately- it won’t be free. Every electric device however it was a lamp, a cell phone, a fridge or even a car, will be registered by the name of its owner in order to charge them upon their consumption by sending the amount of electricity they consumed to their personal account and withdraw the corresponding amount of money from their bank account and transfer them in the distributors’ accounts. Factories and companies owners will do the exact same thing by paying their high-cost bills. Municipalities will pay as well for the consumption of streets lights, traffic lights and advertising panels. As for producers, they will get in return their production value from the distributors as soon as converting their production into signals and waves to be received by the nearest Electricity tower.

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