Drones Energy Bank
Drones Energy Bank

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Energy banks are a reality, but they are not very efficient and big. They need a cable to recharge, and therefore require a power outlet. In addition we must always monitor that they are charged to not find any surprises when we attack our devices. This is their limit. But their idea is good, it's like having an electric battery always at your fingertips. We must only make them perfect and in step with the times. let's see how the power bank will evolve in a few years ...


The questions to be asked are: If we succeeded in creating new ones, which contain much more energy? And if we could make them mini drones? And if they could follow us and stick to devices giving energy by induction?


In each house there is a energy nest of mini drones, these are recharged and go to stick on objects that require energy. When they are discharge they automatically go into the base to recharge while another goes to feed the device in place of the other. Each device is connected to the nest. when your device is empty, it sends a signal and a small drone runs to recharge it.

What makes your solution unique?

The great thing is that we have almost all the technology to do it. We just have to optimize them and make the batteries much smaller and with the ability to hold a lot more energy.