algae bioreactor CITY + WTP
micro algae will cultured in closed system and produce energy for smart buildings, and cities

Target groups

Other (all inhabitants)


smart homes are the future to save energy and produce renewable one them to be quite self-sufficient. There is quite a lot of research around the world using micro algae for renewable energy from nature. This works already, but has to be more researched for being efficient and cost reduced. This happens with a bigger scale to use this technology, a vision is the autarc city near water.


So a perfect field for this are our buildings. Here the algae energy can be produced, stored and used in one place. The owner of the building is the owner of energy, it produces. the smart algae bioreactor building is the beginning to think big: The algae bioreactor city!


Using the fassade of buildings to produce energy is an optimal area using and do not need extra space to be build or consumed. You can use new buildings or install it to existing ones. Big vision: a city near water, being autarc using the algae bioenergiy for buildings, fuel cars, all infrastructure...even you can clean the dirt water by using this technology. The energy will be collected in a big transmitter unit and send wireless to the receiver unit, for the devices to be available.

What makes your solution unique?

this is an example, how these elements can be installed on one small smart building with algae bioreactor technology, using the fassade, roofs, balcony ...the car place can even be a station for fuel with algae.

How it works: Step 1

This is a sceme, of how the algae fassade element works, and my thoughts, what should be improved to make this technology more efficient and cost reduced. The installation is very easy, like this is similar to the solar technology, but more "green", with design potential to the architects/engineers.