The Power Neurochip
A neurochip that allows users to supply their devices electrically thru their brain activity

Target groups

Other (Male and female 16−70)


Human brains were shown to run on electricity. Billons of neurons comunicate with each other by means of electrical signals which create a huge amout of activity that spreads to the rest of the body resulting in motor coordination, emotions, sense perceptions and even sleep. As there are already neurochips that can electrically sense and stimulate the brain cells for medical purposes, what if people could seize this further to be capable of supplying electricity in their homes?


Although the electrical activity of the brain is vast, it could only turn on a 20-watt lightbulb. However, the running of the neurochip technology could develop similar devices that may maximize and distribute the brain power for electrical consumption at home.


A power neurochip implanted safely that enhances the energy of neuronal activity making their users able to put their devices into operation with no plug. The neurochip optimizes the cerebral electricity flow in a way in which the users can increase and distribute it towards their devices by taking more advantage of their brain capability not yet fully used.

What makes your solution unique?

Imagine using your electronic gadgets and keeping them charged at the same time. The power generated by the brain activity -such as watching, hearing, breathing, blinking, or moving- optimized by a power neurochip enables that energy to be boosted and distributed by enhancing the brain capability.

How it works: Step 1

Through the simple acts of perceiving and sensing -even sleeping-, people produce brain power because of their neuronal activity. The brain power can also be generated by other rutinary and efortless activities as speaking, blinking, smiling... in other words, living.

How it works: Step 2

The electricity flow produced by such activities is managed and optimized by the power neuroship implanted that contains electrolyte-oxide-semiconductors and capacitors, which are similar to the ones used in medical neurochips, that stimulate the brain cells electrically.

How it works: Step 3

This way, the capability of the brain is improved to a point where it's able to distribute the augmented energy towards all the electronic devices receptors within a 50-meter perimeter without any conscious effort by the user.