The Tree of Power (ToP)
Re-inventing charging, the Tree of Power collects energy naturally and distributes it wirelessly.

Target groups

Other (All energy users (The Always-Connected Generation))


Millennials is history’s first ‘always connected’ generation. Steeped in digital technology they treat hand-held gadgets almost like body part. The Post-Millennial generations have even higher standards when it comes to technology while they are self-identified as digital device addicts. Another characteristic shared by the younger generations is that they are passionate about environmental causes, one being alternative energy.


Companies that embrace greener solutions and the use of alternative energy supplies are considered “the coolest” amongst the younger generations. Future generations will demand a constant energy supply to charge devices wirelessly and instantly, in a similar way as we now demand wifi connection whenever and wherever. A low battery device will no longer be a pain point for the always-on user.


Thinking from off-the-grid to from-the-tree and always connected. The Tree of Power (ToP) is a green solution to the world’s increasing on-the-go energy needs. Being the center of a neighborhood or even serving an individual household, the ToP collects renewable energy resources: sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat. It then distributes power wirelessly. Re-inventing the concept of charging, users can ToP-up their devices by connecting and not by plugging.

What makes your solution unique?

The ToP uses consumer insights to solve a sustainability issue, inspired by sci-fi and nature’s mechanisms. It uses renewable energy resources, re-invents charging and meets the audience's needs for on-the-go power. The ToP has an immense energy storage capacity to meet high energy demands.

How it works: Step 1

This idea is Inspired by the Tree of Souls, found in the world of the Pandora planet in the sci-fi movie Avatar. The Tree of Souls had the capability to connect directly to the human nervous system and feed them with body energy and life.

How it works: Step 2

The ToP represents a green method to absorb energy from natural sources such as solar, wind, tide, rain and geothermal heat power. From the roots to the leaves ToP collects energy and generates power. For example, tiny yet powerful photovoltaics are embedded in real-life looking leaves.

How it works: Step 3

The ToP is constantly distributing power wirelessly acting as a big battery with unlimited power supply, able to ToP-up all the connected devices. Thinking commercially, it can be a subscription service offering power on-the-go to a generation who is willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings.