Solar and wind energy
Using buildings' walls as wind and solar energy sensors

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We all need electricity, and our consumption is more and more important. This need for energy can have serious ecological consequences. We have to rethink how you can get electricity, and what's better than renewable energy?


I have thought of a way to capture energy in cities without having to make huge infrastructure. This is how I came to think of the self-sufficiency of buildings combined with wind and solar energy.


For me, the future of energy is buildings' self-sufficiency. Many ways are possible to do it. For exemple, we can imagine special walls, able to received and transformed solar and wind energy thanks to some sensors. An entire intramural device allows this energy to circulate in the walls and surfaces of all apartments in the building. Just put your laptop, tablet, lamp, or any electrical device on a table connected to the wall to have his need for electricity to make it works

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