Self-Charging Robo-Butlers
Robo-butlers manage the household, and keep themselves and all other devices charged.

Target groups

Other (Everyone who lives in and runs a household.)


Robots are on the verge of becoming a viable technology. For example, self-driving cars are currently being developed.

Extrapolating, in the future, artificial intelligence and robots will also be running households, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, doing the shopping, and managing all electric devices.


People will not be aware of how the electricity is delivered to them. It is arranged for them behind the scenes by their robots.


Electricity companies will move up the value chain and not visibly deliver electricity but rather self-charging robots that run their household. They will partner with well-known technology brands to deliver the bots, much like Telecom companies currently partner with phone makers.

What makes your solution unique?

The key idea is that we will not explicitly put power plugs into sockets. Robots we rent from electricity companies will do that for us, in addition to running our household and making our lives generally pleasing.

How it works: Step 1

It will be a different world when everybody has staff robot servants. Electricity companies naturally have a presence in the home and can extend their services to include renting robots.

How it works: Step 2

Robots are being deployed in the industry at break-neck speed. It is only a matter of time before the same happens in our homes.