The Power Buddy
Our own power buddy that collects, stores and gives energy.

Target groups

Other (people of all ages)


We need more and more energy for our technical devices. Traditional energy sources are getting out of resources, while renewable energy sources like wind and sun are still exploited but they do not satisfy our energy demand. Actual energy infrastructure is heavy and unsustainable.


We have to find new ways to create and distribute energy and make it easily accessible to everybody.


The Power Buddy - a device half technical - half organic. It floats around you and follows you everywhere. It is not flying like a plane or a drone, it just floats keeping an organic distance between you and your body. It`s friendly like a pet though it cannot communicate with you and it is something everybody has from youth growing up alongside us (when we are kids, some of the features are inactive). The main feature of this device is that it can absorb, store and give energy.

What makes your solution unique?

The fact that it is half organic, so it is more friendly for us and also, the way it is always there for us, like a friend. Everything its natural for the Power Buddy: gathering energy, keeping it and giving it away. It works on a recycle principle. The energy we release is going to be used by us.

How it works: Step 1

The Power Buddy has some little hairs/cilia that absorb the energy generated by human action. Then it transforms and stores the electricity. And then it can share the energy with our technical devices. The Power Buddy is composed of the main body, and a ring that he needs to navigate.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

Imagine going for a run in the morning. The energy we lose while running is gathered by the Power Buddy that joins our trip, standing close to us. Then you arrive home and you want to work on your laptop. You need electricity in order to make your laptop work. The Power Buddy stands right there near you and it is ready to help. Now the sharing mode gets active and our "friend" is charging the laptop. It can also charge multiple devices at the same time, so it charges your phone too! If we do not use its extra energy, The Power Buddy spins around to gets rid of it.