Solar panels integrated in vegetation
Solar energy panels integrated in the vegetation and transfered from ground to surrounding buildings

Target groups

Other (Everyone)


Global warming is an important issue today and will be an even greater issue tomorrow. The target group is actually everyone, because everyone is affected by this problem. My solution is a small step to making this issue less problematic.


My idea is a collaboration between the movement from the city and calm experience from nature. The energy is extracted with solar panels . With upcoming climate changes and temperatures that are rising worldwide, my solution is to reduce global warming via vegetation and use the solar energy to power the big cities.


Integrating solar panel that harmonize in a natural landscape by their shape and characteristics. They can be used to provide shade but recuperate the solar energy. The energy can then be stored in the ground and be redistributed through the cities.

What makes your solution unique?

My solution encourages vegetation in an urban setting. Solar panel are integrated inside a natural landscape inside the city. My idea is to encourage more vegetation inside the cities and urban settings.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

More to come...