cloud e-nergy circle
Energy stored via internet in cloud for everyone to use. Objects use and generate energy.

Target groups

Other (Everyone)


The idea targets the whole world. The internet is a very powerful tool today and the future will make more use of it. It is a great way of connecting, sharing and evolving.


That is why I think that today's internet services can make a big difference in the delivery of electric power in the future.


Energy generated in any kind of power generating service is stored in that place and shared via the internet cloud that we all use today. Electric objects are connected to the cloud and take from it the needed energy through wi-fi. While functioning, they also produce energy that is going to be stored back in the cloud service. We use and give back from a common global resource: this results in less usage of energy production materials.

What makes your solution unique?

As the graphic shows, energy is produced in all energy production methods. The produced energy is then stored in that same place and shared via wi-fi in the internet cloud. The cloud makes the energy accessible to all via internet and smart homes.

How it works: Step 1

Every method of energy production is producing energy in its own way and quantity. That energy is stored in the same place where it is produced.

How it works: Step 2

The produced and stored energy from each energy production method is shared via internet cloud and wi-fi to the community and all items that need electricity.

How it works: Step 3

Smart homes receive electricity via the internet cloud through wi-fi. All items in the house take from the cloud the needed amount of energy to function. While they are functioning, they produce energy that is stored in cloud for further use. It is a circle of use and produce energy.